60-plus years young Irish Texican recently relocated to a tropical paradise following long stints on the Outer Banks of NC and NYC. Finally have the means and opportunity to chase a dream deferred for 48 years of being a writer. According to friends and family very little happens that I don’t apply a humorous bent to, a bit quirky and sideways usually. I am a dichotomy of unreformed 1960’s hippie chick in designer clothes and Victoria’s Secret’s; come take a ride with me on my vida loca train.DSC_0052

At the end of many blogs I am adding just a taste of excerpts from my first  novel, which is titled ‘Texas Toast’, a wickedly catty, and thinly-veiled autobiographical novel set in Texas farm country in the 1950’s, and following our heroine’s wild escapades through the beds and runways of the NY and European fashion biz in the 1970’s.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for ‘liking’ my post about the dogs. Love your blog… We surely share the same humor. I look forward to reading and am adding you to my blogroll as I am sure my readers will as well.

  2. I am Keith, I met you at the meeting for writers. I read your piece about the Wolf — it was amazing, and I don’t use that word often. I thought it was real until I remembered that you took your husband up for surgery– or is that a new husband? It seemed so real.
    I hope you can make it to a critique group soon.

    • Hi Keith! Thanks so much for your kind words and encouragement. Sadly, yes the story is all too true. I was a widow but have since remarried. Hope you can make it to the workshop Saturday. It sounds very promising.

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