Lifeboat #95

I thank all of my readers who have taken the time to email out of concern over my most recent, decidedly cryptic, posts.

Often, it is the larger than life dramas that play out on our stage, that one is unable to speak about. That is certainly true in my case. I am precluded from revealing my latest incarnation, my newest reality. This comes at exactly the time that I could most use your words of encouragement. Bad timing, that.

I would like to say that for anyone out there who is living a life that feels like hell on earth, there is an alternative, even if it seems impossible at the moment. While my soul and spirit were withering on the vine and in danger of being totally eclipsed by the black heart of darkness, no escape from my nightmare seemed possible. But if we ourselves do not stand up and put a stop to the extinguishment of the bright lights that we all are, who then?

But even former hippie flower children have their limits, a finite amount of crap that they can be dealt before they jump into action. All it took was the humility and courage to stretch out my hand and utter two. simple. little. words. “Help me.”

Suddenly I was no longer swimming alone, against the tide, exhausted and desperate to reach the ever-receding shore.  I was surrounded by a community of more help and assistance than I ever dreamt possible. They pulled me into a lifeboat, encouraged me with every stroke of their oars. I’m a mess, but that distant shore comes into sharper focus every day. When one day I finally disembark on solid ground, I will reveal all.

To all of you manning the oars, you KNOW who you are. Eternal thanks and God bless.

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2 thoughts on “Lifeboat #95

  1. I don’t really know what to say. Your graphic and words leave me a little alarmed. It does sound like you came to a turning point and are getting the support you need which muffles the alarm some. Sending good thoughts your way.

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