The Sea Creature #92

One year ago today a tsunami swept through my family, threatening to destroy us. I was pulled far out to sea and drug down to dark, watery depths, unable to breathe. Mere moments before succumbing to my fate, a tiny mermaid came along and directed me to an air pocket. There, clinging to little but sea grass and hope, I managed to hang on. Weak and exhausted from fighting the elements, I yearned to die in this watery grave.

As the very last of my spirit and essence was about to be extinguished, a huge sea creature rose up from beneath me and propelled me to the surface of the ocean. Dazzled by the unaccustomed sun, eyes sealed shut by briny salt, I was startled when the creature spoke. “Girly, there is your shore, your horizon. It is far, but if you make the effort you will arrive and a new destiny awaits you. It will be exhausting and extremely difficult, but you’ve  fought these battles before, you can yet again. Fight hard, prevail, and I promise a wondrous new reality awaits you on that distant shore.”

Pray for me; it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

7 thoughts on “The Sea Creature #92

  1. I’m a bit late, as I too have been swimming in the dark abscesses of the deepest seas. Your writing is inspiring and I’m glad to know that you have resurfaced with your face to the sun. Gives me hope.

    • Thanks so much for reading; email me if you would like. I’m finishing up a book, so maybe I could use your story. I still have a very long row in a very deep ocean to go before this nightmare is over, but progress is made every day. It’s so important to keep it all in perspective and if you can laugh about your situation, even if it’s through tears, it’s an amazing gift. Hang in there kiddo!

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