And the Oscar, Emmy, Tony, Grammy, Clio Goes To… #86

Thanks so much to my new BFF Whitney at Mommy Needs a Pinot  for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award. AA from Big Happy Nothing did this last February, but I was such a blogging newby that I had absolutely no idea what it meant or that I needed to DO something about it. I’m sure AA has forgiven me my boorish goofiness in not being a more grateful recipient. I promise to do better this time. As I understand it, I should:

1. Thank the award-giver and link back to them in your post.  – Done!  Please drop by her blog and check her out.

2. Share 7 things about yourself.

3. Pass this award along to 15 recently discovered blogs you enjoy reading.

4. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know about the award.

5. Post a picture of the Versatile Blogger Award on your site.

My 15 favorite blogs are:

  1. AA at Big Happy Nothing, who pointed out early on that we had about 700 things in common, including a brother she called “Boy”. Regular readers will remember that, due to my Gaydar factory settings being broken, I had my very own Baseball Bat “Boy”. She had been to Texas. We both had sons attending college in the same city in NC. She had vacationed on the Outer Banks. Her Mom had been a model in NYC. She, like me, had lived in Brooklyn and worked in the ad biz. The similarities continue to mount as time goes on. Her blog is refreshingly different, droll, witty, artistic, and reflects her amazing spirit and heart.
  2.  Tori Nelson of The Ramblings. She is the Julia Child of the English language. If a word or phrase doesn’t exist, she creates it to correct Noah Webster’s oversight. The first two posts I read had me hooked. One involved going out to a bar with girlfriends and the ridiculous names they made up to escape creepy guys; Tori became Betty Sexy Starr, if I remember correctly. The other spotlighted truant children and puppies dying every time a child skipped school. She has since amended that to “Every time you steal, a puppy dies.”  The only thing larger than her sense of humor must be her heart because she spared no amount of time helping me, as a brand new blogger, with some very puzzling issues. She spent much time and effort giving me detailed directions on how to kick some WordPress butt and I will never forget her kindness.
  3. Lou at Pissy Kitty’s Litter Box. Lou writes with a pure passion and honesty like no other. She can slice her soul open for all to see, and then plunge right in and perform an emotional autopsy on the remains. This woman is fearless.
  4. Charly Walker’s Blog. Unique, and in the blogging world where talent abounds, one doesn’t use that term lightly. The first post I read of hers covered a recent visit to her OB/GYN. Hilarious, with a soupçon of razor sharp wit.
  5. Terri at The Laughing Mom. She’s funny and comforting at the same time. You feel like you’ve known her forever.
  6. Nancy at Young American Wisdom. Funny, great heart, and those kids are always up to something.
  7. Jerri at Life on Earth. Silly me usually gravitates toward humor, but her honest soul searching had me at hello.
  8. Amy’s Blam. You never know quite the direction her car is going to take, but you surely want to be along for the ride. Don’t miss “Nothing Says Christmas Like Shoving Lights Up Plastic Bottoms”.
  9. Minding Marni. The letter she wrote her daughter on her 18th birthday had me in tears for days.
  10. The Jackie Blog. Part of 2011 Post-a-Day. How this mere baby manages to pull off a full-time job, a daily post and Lollipop Tuesdays is beyond me. I haven’t missed a single post since 1/1/11.
  11. Myra at My Parents Are Crazier Than Yours. What can I say? Yes, they are, thank God. The stuff her parents get up to is not to be believed and you never know if it will make you laugh or cry.
  12. Give Me Three Things. Love this concept. Hit the comments section and leave her 3 words. She will write a story using all three, with an illustration as an added bonus.
  13. Kim at Stuff Southern People Like. She’s been on recovery hiatus recently, sadly. Reading her posts feels like a long-overdue trip back down to Dixie. If it happens down south, she’s got it covered. Get better and hurry back, please Kim!
  14. Live Laugh Love Liquor. Lord, I wish this chica lived on my block. You haven’t properly peed your pants until you follow her tales of her short-short wearing male neighbor and her family’s experience on a cruise ship. Hop on over there.
  15. Tinkerbelle86. I could listen to Brits speak til the cows come home. How could you not love this? “rather than faff with doing it on the hob”? Oh stop that, it’s nothing to do with THAT!

Now, the hard part. Seven random things about me? Hum…

  1. I eat a big crunchy bowl of sarcasm for breakfast every morning; it helps keep you regular.
  2. I firmly believe that two jalapeño olives residing in a very dry Ketel One dirty martini count as one serving of my daily vegetables.
  3. At age 18 I saw the movie ‘The Godfather’ and immediately began making plans to relocate to New York. I had never seen a swarthy, dark-eyed, dark-haired boy in my life and I simply had to go get me one.
  4. My Texas Grandpa Frank looked just like Ernest Hemingway and owned a beer joint/pool hall near Mexico. Legend has it that one night he awoke to find a giant brown tarantula sidling over his blanket, near his toes. He loved to tell how he grabbed his shotgun and blasted that SOB “all the way to hell and back”. Strangely, the amputated toes were never mentioned.
  5. When I was 24 I visited a renowned NYC astrologist who prepared my natal chart. What she told me left me worn out and exhausted and I vowed to prove her wrong. Thirty five years later, I can tell you everything she foretold did happen, with the exception of becoming a daytime TV actress, but I walked away from that opportunity, so maybe that doesn’t count? She said I arrived in this lifetime determined to make it my last, to finish all business and clear up lifetimes of karma. She stated I would have multiple careers, jobs, and husbands. Check, check and check. I need a nap.
  6. My stepdad killed a rattlesnake in my lingerie drawer when I was 16, with the entire family in attendance.
  7. I was kidnapped on my 7th birthday by Elvis Daddy. It was the B.E.S.T 3-day birthday celebration ever. High rise hotel, indoor pool, room service, and an appearance on the local television news, that’s what I’m talking about.

17 thoughts on “And the Oscar, Emmy, Tony, Grammy, Clio Goes To… #86

  1. Congratulations on a well deserved award! I love your witty sense of humor and your fiesty spirit. Good for you!

    Thank you so much for the nomination. I really appreciate the kind words. It warms my heart to know that my silly little blog makes you smile.

    • Funny, that’s the first time I ever considered it from poor ol rattler’s point of view. I just kept imagining the pyrotechnics if I’d put my hand in that drawer to pull something out! Thanks for reading.

  2. Why Thank you, my dear! I’m honored and thrilled!

    Olives are TOTALLY a vegetable, but only if they are soaked in vodka to release the antioxidants. The more martinis you have, the healthier you are. it’s a proven scientific fact. And being that wine comes from grapes, that is considered a fruit, FYI.

    I need elaboration on #7. that sounds like the story would make a great blog post (hint hint)


  3. Wow! I’m honored to be on your list. I’m definitely going to check out these blogs. I’m read a couple of them. I appreciate the refreshing list that you created – I’m looking for some different blogs to read and these sound really good. By the way, your rattlesnake story is one of my favorites. Thanks again for the kind words. I feel the same about you.

  4. I forgot to tell you that I too, saw a psychic who told me that this lifetime is my last. I responded by saying that of course it is because that’s all there is! I never existed before and I will never exist again (at least not in this form…). I’m so glad you found my blog so I found yours! (and we women writer sistas definitely have to stick together!)

  5. I am getting more senile by the minute, Renee! I thought I left a comment to thank you for nominating me. I think I recall getting sidetracked by Pissy Kitty’s Litterbox, where I had a great time. I am tempted now to click on the other blogs, but I’ll never move this award along. So I’m going to give it some thought, and hopefully git ‘er done. Then I’ll be back to click on the other nominees!

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