For Lou and Sully #73

One of the blogs I follow is Pissy Kittys Litter Box. Right off the bat, you gotta admire a gal who’s got the cojones to name her blog THAT. I came across her months ago when she posted about the phrase “Up shit creek without a paddle blues”. My Mama used to say that to me over and over, “Listen Sister, if you don’t stop _____ (insert mischief of your own design here), you’ll soon be singing the ‘I’m Up Shit Creek Without a Paddle Blues.” Until I read Lou’s blog, I had never heard anyone else utter those words, so I felt an instant connection. Lou writes with a pure passion and honesty like no other. She can slice her soul open for all to see, and then plunge right in and perform an emotional autopsy on the remains.

So, when I read about her beloved dog Sully having cancer and facing what would be his last summer with her, I was incredibly sad. But yesterday her news was even worse; Sully is not responding to his Prednisone and will have to take his final bow in this world Saturday, in order to stop his suffering. I’m posting links to both her moving tribute to her amazing Sully, and also to yesterday’s post. I defy you to read and not join in her weeping.

I’ve discovered the amazing heart and soul that makes up our blogging community and I would like to encourage all of you to read Lou’s posts about Sully and send her your thoughts, prayers,  inspiration, and encouragement. For you non-bloggers, there is a comment section at the bottom of her blog where you can write to her. I imagine the devastation she will be experiencing this weekend will be profound, and that any tiny bit we can do to help her through will be deeply appreciated.

It’s hard to believe that a total stranger and her dog can have such a profound effect. I just keep thinking about my adored Baxter “Booger”, who we’ve only had for one year. How attached I am already, despite his repeated criminal activities and stints in jail. And his big sister Reggae “Pooter”, already slowing down at age nine, and all the years of history we’ve had together. The thought of losing either one of my babies has tears streaming down my face.

So, let’s all join forces and send Lou, her husband, and their beloved Sully our very best. And perhaps take a moment to hug our own four-legged beasties just a little tighter and longer today.

6 thoughts on “For Lou and Sully #73

  1. Re-Nee! OMG! Okay, I don’t know if you’re going to find this comical or not, and I might add I feel like a complete idiot, but I did not know that Pooters and Boogers was you! I don’t know if this is where I should laugh, or feel humiliated. I’ve tried dozens of times to get to you by clicking on your name and always end up empty-handed. I thought maybe you left comments but didn’t have a blog (yeah, I’m red-faced!!!). So anyway, here I am yesterday and today trying to play catch-up, and cleaning up some emails that are unread, and others I read that I never replied to, came across this one and low and behold is the pic at the top of the page and I thought….is that Renee? One for the dumb-ass, huh? Duh!
    BTW: This is just the nicest post that you wrote for Sully and me. I am so touched. Sadly, he is gone now, but having all of you to lean on support has managed to get me through. Thank you. It means the world to me. And I’m subscribing…Ha..ha..

    • Ok, i got a good morning chuckle out of that email! There’s not a day that’s gone by since you let us know of Sully’s condition that my heart has not broken for you. I truly cannot fathom your loss. But isn’t the greatest thing about our blogging community that we are never really alone? I also so related to the situation with your husband wanting a new puppy and you having to do all the work. When we got Baxter, our boxer, AKA Booger, last
      September, I protested vehemently that he would be too big for me to manage, etc. The Spousal Unit promised to train him, walk him, yada, yada, yada. Fifteen months later, The Spousal Unit has come out of retirement to take a job where he is away from home 3 weeks a month, and back home for one week. By default, I am now walking this 80lb muscular beast (with a head the size of a VW bug!) four miles per day and playing frisbee and ball endlessly, in order to buy a few hours of peace in the house. So hold firm in your refusal until you are ready, girlfriend! Thanks for subscribing. You have no idea how I admire and respect your writing. While I’m never sure what you’ll have to say, it is always worth waiting for!

  2. Honestly, I’m weeping without even visiting Lou’s posts. I started to click … but I still cry when I look at pictures of my dog (daughter), Maggie, who went to Doggie Heaven in June of 2010. I feel Lou’s pain. I really do. Belated as it may be. Actually, what am I saying? It’s never belated, as I’ve demonstrated by writing how I still cry about losing Maggie. Really, thoughts and prayers for Lou and Sully. I will visit her blog when I get myself together.

    And you know I love Pooter and Booger from your stories and photos (despite and because of Pooter’s criminal background)! Give them big doggie biscuits from me, will ya?

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