Idol Eyes #41

I generally don’t spend much time analyzing things that make me deliriously happy, but when I told y’all about my “American Idol” addiction, it got me to thinking. It’s TV for God sakes; the medium that gifted us with Charlie “Tiger Blood/Warlock” Sheen. It’s actually even worse than I let on. Not only have I missed just the one episode when I was hospitalized, I can’t watch them on DVR; they have to be live! This has lead to some odd moments over the years. I actually was impatiently bouncing in my seat for 45 minutes when The Teenage Morose One performed as one of The Lost Boys in “Peter Pan”, back when he was seven, and cuter than a bedbug. And not because my boy was performing; I was worried I’d miss 5 minutes of Idol! I have been caught skulking low like something out of “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” in order to escape PTO meetings that were dragging on too long, in order to get my midweek fix. I have used the old migraine excuse at restaurants celebrating friends’ birthdays, in order to not miss a moment of my beloved show. How inconsiderate of birthdays and anniversaries to fall on a Wednesday or Thursday!

I am incensed when people refer to Idol as ‘a reality show’. No! No! No!“The Biggest Loser” is a reality show. It follows real people doing something real, losing weight and saving their own lives. Idol is a talent show, pure and simple. It is the American Dream, available for all comers; just bring a heaping helping of talent and COME ON DOWN. It is thrilling to watch these talented kids perform for the chance to completely transform their lives, rags to riches. Just think Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Kellie Pickler, Chris Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson, and Fantasia Barrino. The one whose performances I looked forward to the most was Adam Lambert. What a showman; you never knew what he’d get up to from week to week, but you knew it would be over-the-top outrageous. I also love how the winner isn’t always the winner. Hey Daughtry, are you having the last laugh now?? When did YOU last buy a Taylor Hicks CD?

My obsession makes no sense whatsoever considering that I am tone deaf, and that the world of musical notes, keys, and choruses is unfathomable. When I was in fifth grade, back in Nowhere, Texas, it was agreed by the school administration, that I must be removed from music class because my screeching and caterwauling were so disruptive to the rest of the class. They were rehearsing for an operetta to be performed at a charity function, and there was no way they were letting me get up on that stage. They were puzzled over what to do with me for the hour-long class period, but decided I could be an office assistant and help with stuffing envelopes and other exciting tasks.

My feelings were terribly wounded, as this was the first time I realized I couldn’t sing a lick. That music class had been as mysterious to me as trigonometry, so I guess it was just as well. Now I’m so self conscious I won’t even part my lips for a hymn in church. Despite it all, I love my “Idol” and it’s going to be unbelievably difficult to see them whittled down this season, because there are at least eight who could take the whole thing.

Almost as embarrassing as being ‘rejected” from my music class was the day in Milan I met Jack Scalia. It was the final day of my month-long bridal shoot, and they were using my hotel as a backdrop. They used several male models throughout this time, but this final day was to be with someone I didn’t know. It’s a pretty small, tight colony of models in Milan, so I suspect he had just arrived in Italy. When Jack showed up with that hair, that cleft in his chin, and those azure blue eyes, I thought I might pass out, but….wait! Remember the shoot I had done the year before with the very successful photographer and I’d decided it would be a fine idea to Afro my hair? Déjà vu all over again!! The hairdresser had just about run out of ideas to change up my look in the 20 days we’d worked together, so he decided that kinky, curly was just what the doctor ordered. See disastrous results below.

I had to look my absolute worst on the day Jack Scalia showed up, and who says God doesn’t have a sense of humor? He kept giving me strange looks like I had dog poo smeared in my hair. Thank God when we worked together a few years later, my hair was quite long and he didn’t recognize me. As the cherry on top of this day, Boy would be arriving tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Hi Mom, look what I found in Italy!

The look on our faces says it all!

11 thoughts on “Idol Eyes #41

    • You just knew they would save Casey last night, deservedly so, I think! It seems like the best group of finalists I can remember. It’s going to be very painful watching these talented kids fall, week by week. I surely thought Thia was leaving last night. Quel surprise!!

    • The funny part is that Taylor was MY guy that season; he was just so different than the rest of the pack. I actually didn’t care for Chris; thought he was too arrogant. Tori Nelson from The Ramblings has a Taylor CD, maybe she’ll loan it to me so I can check it out. Thanks for reading!

  1. I cry at the finale of American Idol. I also cry when I see their stories. James Durbin. Crying, just typing his name! He’s amazing! And kicking the butts of every kid who ever bullied him. Take that, you little creeps!

    Photo shoots with Jack Scalia? What Rona said: ‘they just keep getting better and better.’

    • Truth be told, I don’t have a favorite this season; I think any one of them could take it because they are so talented. I did cry buckets when Pia went home, (I felt so bad for her and her mom); don’t think those will be the last salty tears this season. I’m ridiculously embarrassed to admit that I’m going to go see them on tour somewhere in NC this summer! Do you think James will take it?

      • Honestly, I’m behind in my Idol watching, so Pia going home is a newsflash! Oh, I cry for the parents, too. Tears of joy, tears of sadness, tears for any old reason.

        I think that’s awesome that you’re going to see them on tour! One of my friends saw them with Daughtry, her secret crush.

        I think James and Jacob are the ones with the star quality. But sometimes, those contestants get the boot because I think the audience thinks they’ll be fine having a career on their own. I was surprised that Casey Abrams had to be saved, but I don’t see him winning it. The girls kinda make me go “Meh” this season. I could go on and on … sorry you asked?

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