Trifecta of Sorrow #39

Where oh where have all my giggles gone? It is very difficult to feel the funny when there is so much ungodly human suffering and loss happening in Japan. I can’t pull my thoughts away from these poor people. Tragedy is so horrible on a personal, individual level, but to see it spread out on such a vast, national scale is nearly inconceivable. It’s almost more than the human brain can process.
Every time I flip on a light switch or brew a cup of coffee, take a nice hot shower, make a delicious meal with food purchased from a generously stocked store, I try to imagine how awful it would be to go without any one of these things, not to mention ALL of them. On top of that, imagine you are now homeless, with no clothes or possessions, and loved ones are dead or missing. In case that’s not enough, and you still haven’t had a well-deserved nervous breakdown, let’s add the threat of a nuclear disaster. If Japan was a football game, this would definitely be piling on.

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The only other time I’ve ever been this shell shocked was after 9/11, but that was different. I’d worked on Wall Street, been in the Towers many times, and two of the victims were acquaintances. On that occasion the fog, that nether-worldly feeling lasted a month, as I moved through my life, my job, like a ghostly participant. I personally know no one in Japan, but then we are all the same, all one, at the end of the day. It would seem that as we get older, we would become inured to tragedy, but the opposite seems true. I feel more connected and empathetic to the pains and hurts of others.
Since a tear-stained blog is not the most upbeat missive on the planet, I’m going to take a drastic step today. I’m going to link to three posts that temporarily made me laugh in this sorrowful week, and hope that they will bring a smile to your face as well. Who knows, you may discover a wonderful new writer to add to your subscriptions, but be warned, canceling mine gives me license to hunt you down and K.I.L.L. you! Check out Tori at The Ramblings “Can You Hear That? That’s Me Smiling, Y’all.” This amazing young woman weaves humor and wisdom into the mundane and everyday. Visit Mark at The Idiot Speaketh and read “The Bike Riding Wrestler”. He can make a short ride on a stationary bike or a trip to a home improvement store a drive down The Hilarity Highway. And finally, there’s Charlywalker’s Blog “Blog on a Roll”. Follow her on her trip to the gynecologist and allow her to introduce you to Dr. Dale Evans and nurse Roy Rogers. Enjoy!
I can always count on my perpetually cheerful, upbeat husband, the increasingly renowned Spousal Unit, to make me laugh. I bet he’ll make me laugh out loud from inside my urn at my memorial service. Everyone needs such a Unit on their team! We were kvetching and moaning about gas prices the other day, and he said, “Well, at least there’s an upside; there will be a lot fewer drive-by shootings!” I may even forgive him for the Bigfoot incident!

Enjoy the links while I spend the weekend desperately seeking my lost mojo.

5 thoughts on “Trifecta of Sorrow #39

  1. Ok, now you plucked a string in Charlywalker’s guitar…..

    I find humor in everything BUT Tragedy, you hit a chord with this blog. My husband and I were married atop the WTC. I know the people who were there every morning like clockwork to meet with us for our nuptial preparations. There isn’t a day that goes by that I ask God..Why? I know these folks were there that morning and I had hoped that maybe, just maybe they called in sick that day…

    Humor is my saving grace…… we need to spread it around more..

    Thanks for the great writing.

  2. It has been a rough week, and I totally understand the struggle to write happy/funny posts when you don’t feel that way even a little bit 😦
    Hope you find your Furious Happiness soon 🙂

  3. The disaster and devastation in Japan is surreal – and how lucky am I to feel that way? Damn lucky. I try to count my blessings each day. I should do much better than try. There really isn’t much place for pissing and moaning about anything … ANYthing … when I keep things in perspective and appreciate even the most basic things in my life. A roof over my head, food, warmth, family, friends.

    Loved those blogs and have subscribed to all three! By sharing these, you made me furious … furiously happy. Thanks, Renee!

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