Obituary of US

Not feeling the giggles today folks. November 2, 2010; most definitely a day that will determine the course of the rest of my life. No, I’m not a politician nor have I married or spawned one, but what happens today, and whether the forces of good or evil shall prevail over this once great nation, will determine whether this  family will chose to stay in America or relocate to another country. These are surely words I never thought would be uttered from my mouth, yet here we are.

I remember vividly standing ramrod straight as a five-year-old kindergarten student and loudly and proudly reciting the newly memorized Pledge of Allegiance. Visiting so much of this breathtakingly beautiful country would leave me awed by the majesty and variety we have access to. Rarely do I enter a supermarket without a quiet word of thanks for the opportunity to shop from the vast array of foods available to us, always with a thought to those in the former Soviet Union who waited for hours in line in the snow for the opportunity to buy a single roll of toilet tissue, only to repeat the process down the block for perhaps a chance at bringing home a loaf of bread. My feelings for my country have always been ones of gratitude, reverence and, most of all, pride. Today, after watching the two-year-long abortion foisted on this great nation by the Triumvirate of Evil, better known as Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid, I feel shame. It is all about their greed and vanity and positions of power that matter; they care nothing for America. It would not be possible to operate in such a high-handed manner (remember “you’ll find out what’s in it after it’s passed” from Pelosi regarding ObamaCare?) if virtue, courtesy, and decency were not words considered archaic by the powers that be in Washington. Has anyone else noticed that Pelosi looks like someone who has just given birth, eaten her young, and then is straining to force a smile before she barfs up the entrails?!?

Is there any citizen out there who watches these ceaseless negative political ads who isn’t nauseated? I feel dirty after watching them. Whatever happened to a candidate simply stating what they perceive as the problem and laying out solutions?  Why do their opponents have to be bashed and trashed over things from their much younger years? There is an evil, a negativity, and incivility spreading like a toxic cloud over us to the point that many are becoming inured to it, rather like the bloodshed and violence in the TV and movies so popular today.  The typical response from politicians is “Well, that’s just the way things are done; that’s the climate out there now”. I bet our founding fathers are bent over puking in their boots looking down on this sad mess. I want to once again live in a nation where you can elevate your station and that of your descendents through hard work, tenacity, innovation, and saving and investing. I have no interest in working like a dog and being told to “share” what I have worked for with those too stupid or too lazy to get off their butts and get a job. Stop expecting the world (the RICH!) to fix your problems and give you stuff when you might just find an iota of self esteem from going out and solving your own problems and buying your own stuff. Oh wait, I‘ve got an idea. Next election, how about every candidate is limited to the same $500,000 budget to run their campaigns and each candidate takes all that extra, unspent campaign money and gives it to the lazy, stupid, and disenfranchised?? I like that idea a lot better than Obama handing them MY money.

The Evil Triumvirate has given a whole new meaning to the term “The Me Generation”. Has anyone pondered the people who want to run for office? Are they all born with a flawed or evil gene in the first place, which makes them carry on as they do? Or do the fawning and bribery and trappings of power corrupt decent folks who actually started out normal once upon a time? I don’t personally know any politicians, and based on what I see, I think I prefer to keep it that way. And can common sense prevail and  can term limits be established for these Dick Breathes? Since when does election for one or two terms to any office give you a lifetime guarantee of employment? Can you say Dingle and Byrd, and do the words “Just too damn old’ have any meaning in this universe?!? All these “extended stays” in government office do is give them longer to learn to lie, cheat, steal, and bribe. And since when is it OK for a cartoon character to hold elective office, Mr. Lisping Barney Frankenstein? Man up Dude.

Hopefully most of you have seen the very disturbing ad about tumbled nations showing Greece, Rome, and yes, our very own US, being owned and operated by China. This isn’t a political ad, kiddos, this is our future. If you don’t like what the ad has to say or if it makes you distinctly uncomfortable, good, get off your complacent butts and go vote. Otherwise the next knock on your door may well be the Chinese, coming to escort you to your new factory job working for them.

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